RAPID SEQUENCE of audioclips on a Mac

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Sun Jan 13 22:05:00 EST 2002

On 9/1/02 4:51 am, J. Scott Saults <saultsj at missouri.edu> wrote:

> Perhaps (hopefully) I'm misunderstanding something about the methods
> suggested by Scott and Geoff.  As soon as I can, I'll take a closer look at
> my implementation and tests of Scott's and Geoff's suggestions to see if
> I've made any mistakes.. I'm still new to Revolution, and I know it has
> features and capabilities that I'm not yet familiar with using. Surely
> Revolution can do this (play a rapid sequence), considering that I could do
> it well enough using HyperCard on an old Mac II many years ago. Or is
> Revolution/MetaCard really deficient in this regard?
> Thanks again for the help already offered, and for any additional
> suggestions anyone would like to share.

Have you tried using the "prepare" command on all the audioClips before you
attempt to run the script that Scott Rossi supplied?

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