Is it soup yet?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Jan 13 20:16:00 EST 2002

>> 2) I want to use it to send and receive text-only (for now, e.g., no
>> attachments or graphics) eMail using something simple, like Claris. Or is it
>> possible to build my own emailer with RR itself? How about this?
> Revolution has socket access, but no built-in SMTP (yet). So rolling your own
> is definitely possible, but not particularly simple. You should be able to
> email using the default email client (on a Mac) using an Apple Event or an
> AppleScript.

Outlook Express works very well with AppleScript.

>> 3) I need to develop full speech feedback for the vision impaired. I know
>> this will need to be handled differently on each platform, but that's OK.
>> Anyone done such a thing? Are there examples for PC's (I know relatively
>> little about P.C.'s or Windows)?
> I think speech was part of the Externals, released by RunRev, but separately
> from Revolution. It's a little hard to find now (I don't remember where they
> put it and I'm offline right now, sorry.

Again, this is possible using AppleScript, although for Mac only:

on doSpeech theSpeech
    put "Victoria" into theVoice
    -- look in the Voices folder for a list of possibilities

    do "say " & quote & theSpeech & quote & " using " & quote & \
        theVoice & quote as AppleScript
end doSpeech


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