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Graham Samuel livfoss at
Fri Jan 11 06:30:00 EST 2002

>On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 15:50:11 -0800 Ken Norris 
><pixelbird at> wrote:
>Hello RR list,
>I just downloaded 1.1 because of the warning about the beta of 1.1.1. at the
>website. However, according to many of the recent posts I've been reading,
>it (1.1.1 beta) appears to have much fewer bugs than 1.1. So, I'm thinking I
>should have DL'd the 1.1.1 beta.
>Should I go ahead and trash 1.1 and DL 1.1.1 beta instead, and go ahead and
>use it for development? I'm just beginning with RR, but I've been using HC
>2.4.1 for some time, and want to transfer the shells and rebuild the color
>with appropriate handler changes, etc.
>What say ye?

I'd like to know the answer to this as well - I'm used to the idea 
that 'beta' implies 'not guaranteed to be working at industrial 
strength yet, but good enough for people to use and help the 
developer find the last few problems' - but it appears that this 
isn't what is meant in Revo's case.

My own problem in learning Revolution is to convert from SuperCard on 
the Mac where I have some fairly simple published school applications 
(though still involving some thousands of lines of code). My idea is 
to produce the exact functional equivalent of the SC versions and 
then develop more advanced (and of course cross-platform) versions 
after becoming familiar with Revo. I'm just setting out - exciting! - 
and I'm about to start reading all the available material about 
converting from SC to Revo etc.

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