Is Rev ready for commercial applications?

Robert Presender rpresender at
Thu Jan 10 08:09:00 EST 2002

Richard wrote:
<The big question: can 1.1.1 be used for a commercial product? Will this
<version time out or is it good to go? Can we expect a product built on a Mac
<using relatively simple Rev features to work reliably on Windows (if not

<We appreciate any feedback on these issues

Just completed a standalone shareware program (Will Creator), which was originally done in SuperCard,
using v1.1.1 for both Mac and Windows.  I initially created just for the Mac and 
then, having just purchased a Windows machine,  put it on my Windows PC and adjusted for font size.

I should mention that I started with starter kit 1.0 so most of the scripting is still
contained in custom properties because of the ten line limit.  Since I am now licensed, any new programs
I create will not be subject to the ten line limitation.

If you want to view the program, you can download from
If you want the Registration code, please email me and I will send you the code ... free of course.
If you want a copy of the development project, I will email it as an attachment at your request.

Don't see any reason why Rev cannot be used for a commercial product.

PS.  If anyone on the list wants the Registration code -- for free or a copy of the development project,
please email me.

Regards .... Bob
rpresender at

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