Catnip rrjlee at
Wed Jan 9 18:01:02 EST 2002

Hi, I'm a Revolution newbie and found some, perhaps by now well-known
problems, with the 1.1 Tutorial Getting Started section. I'll be reading the
archives shortly to catch up.

Meanwhile, I was curious about how successful a bit of basic testing on some
of the supported platforms would be. I downloaded various engines and tried
installing and starting revolution on 5 separate systems today:

Win98/ia32 installed and started up fine.

WinXP/ia64 started up fine, but InstallShield barfed reporting "WinExec
failed: return 193". I managed it by zipping up the Win32 installed
directory and ftp'd it to this machine to try starting it.

rs6000 (I really feel this should be called AIX, but never mind) installed
and started fine.

Suse 7.1/ia32 installed and started fine.

Linux SLES 7.1/PPC Unfortunately, I don't have console access so using
remote X windows, I found my click on the Accept licence wasn't taken, so I
had to just kill it. The performance with remote X windows on our 100baseTX
switched ethernet was unbelievably bad with revolution (normally, remote X
is fine for us), but I haven't had time to see what other factors might have
caused/contributed to this.

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