How to check the Checkbox?

Magnus von Brömsen webmaster at
Wed Jan 9 14:37:01 EST 2002


This is probably basic knowledge. But I have tried "everthing" and it 
does not work.

1. I have a checkbox, next to it is a textfield.
2. Another button  sends  a command (on mouseUp) to the checkbox. Then..
3. If the checkbox is "on", I want the text, in the field next to it, to 
be put  in another textfield.

4. How do I check the checkbox? I tried  this:

on plusOrder
   if btn ID 1118 then put fld ID 1115 & tab & fld ID 1116 into field 
end plusOrder

I also tried the "selected"-property. But nothing happend. Not even 

One other thing, can I send a command (from a button) to a group 
(containing several checkboxies) and every checkbox react to the command?

/magnus von brömsen

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