use-revolution digest, Vol 1 #98 - 16 msgs

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Jan 7 16:35:00 EST 2002

>What would be the best way to implement a popup menu when the user
>right-clicks over a standard button or over a field?  Should I have a hidden
>popup-style button that I re-locate and show wherever the mouse was clicked?

You could do that. You can also pop a stack. Check out the popup entry in the help.

>Seems that the word parser is little more than an item parser with the
>itemDelimiter set to " ", except for the stupid behavior with quotes.  I
>would like a true word parser.  Or a parser for which we can specify
>multiple delimiters.  Like a java token function.  What is the best/fastest
>way to parse words even in the presence of quotes and punctuation?

There are several ways. The brute force method shouldn't be dismissed -- try a repeat for each char C in myString and see if it meets your needs. Note that the repeat form is critical for performance. If you repeat with i = 1 to whatever, that will start fast and slow down quickly as the string grows. Repeat for each starts faster and stays fast no matter the size of the string.

>Did I see a comment somewhere that the Rev folks are working on fields with
>multiple columns?  If so, when should we expect to see it?

Fields already support tabs -- check out tabstops in the help. If you want true columns, for now you're looking at multiple fields linked together, or some wicked math. Several have done it and posted examples.

>I love the added features of Rev over HC, but it makes me eager for more.

Aren't we all :-)



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