audioclips on a Mac

J. Scott Saults SaultsJ at
Sun Jan 6 18:28:01 EST 2002

I had asked
>Can someone please help me. What have I done wrong? How can a play a 
>sound,  without loading a and displaying a quicktime player?
But, I have discovered that an AIFF file does play OK. So, let me ask 
two different questions about audio in Revolution.

1. What audio formats are supported on a Mac, and on Windows?

2. What is the best way to play a SEQUENCE of sounds with precise, 
regular, onset to onset times. In SuperCard or HyperCard, I can 
simply issue a series of play commands, and the sounds are simply 
cued to play one after another. However, Revolution/MC cannot do 
this, so what is the best way to approximate this behavior? Are there 
any Mac external commands that could accomplish this in Rev/MC?

Thanks again for the help.

Scott Saults

J. Scott Saults, Ph.D.
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