What is the difference between clicking and "send mouseup"

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Sun Jan 6 15:49:00 EST 2002

on 1/6/02 8:08 AM, Victor Eijkhout at eijkhout at cs.utk.edu wrote:

> What is the difference between clicking ona  button with a "mouseup"
> handler, and typing <send "mouseup" to button "a"> in the message
> box, the latter divided up in cases where the hand and the pointer
> tool are enabled?
> Here's the behaviour that I see:
> message box, pointer tool enabled: nothing happens
> message box, hand tool enabled: error message
> Script compile error:
> Error description:
> clicking on the button: it works, or sometimes rev crashes
> I have no idea even where to start analysing this situation.
Hello Victor,

I'm a HyperCard programmer (of sorts) who is going to be making Rev stacks
and transferrring stack handlers etc., from HC, very soon, so I'm very far
from being a Rev expert, but I do know some things about HC which has many

In HC, the 'send mouseUp' command normally belongs in an offscreen handler
in a card, bg, or other domain or object. You can, of course, use a mouseUp
message in a button to 'send mouseUp' to ANOTHER object, but NOT to itself.

HTH, and best regards,
Ken N.

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