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Sun Jan 6 02:06:01 CST 2002

Just finished V1.0 of altSAFileUp Library. This Library works instead of FTP
to upload files and form data to web servers. It's especially helpful for
interacting with existing web applications. The library can be found at:

SA FileUp is an HTTP file transfer ActiveX server control which can be found

Thanks to Jerry Daniels for his help and insights. And of course the amazing
Chris Bohnert for his overall programming wizardry...even if he never
understands transcript ;-)

altPostSAFileUp command

The altPostSAFileup command posts files and form data to a Microsoft
Internet Information Server (IIS) using the industry standard Sofware
Artisans FileUp ActiveX control. It sends the completedMessage when
finished. The HTTP response can be accessed from the custom property
altSAFileUpResponse  which can be checked in the completedMessage  handler.

altPostSAFileup Host, Page, formList [,completedMessage]

altPostSAFileUp "","test.asp",myList,"myHTTPresponse"

The Host is a valid URL to a web server with SAFileUp ActiveX control

The Page is an valid Page request (typically a .asp page).

The formList is a list of Form Variables and their respective contents. A
tab delimited line exists for each form variable with the first item being
the variable name, the second item is either file or var depending on
whether a file or variable is being sent.

The third item is either the value of the file or the value of a variable.

ex. This list variable sends two files and a password variable:

 tImage file "C:\test.jpg"
 tFile file  "C:\"
 tpassword var  "fred123"

It is important to note the path delimeter MUST BE "\" not the RR standard

The completedMessage is an optional message sent to the stack upon
completion of the command.

customProperties of SAFileUp Lib:

altSAFileUpHeader - the header text being sent minus the Host and Page and
Content Length

altSAFileUpTimeOutSecs - the time in seconds for altSAFileUp to quit.

altSAFileUpResponse - the HTTP response sent from the server or "timeout" if
no response. Use with the completedmessage parameter to get the HTTP

To install:
Copy the button "SAFileUp Lib" into your stack. Then insert into the open
stack or startup handler of your stack:

 insert the script of btn "SAFileUp Lib" into back

Then you can call the altPostSAFileUp command from anywhere in your stack.

Portions of this script used with permission of Jerry Daniels. Muchos
Gracias Jerry!
For more plugins, source code and scripts, visit the Altuit RunRev Website.

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