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On 4/1/02 9:54 am, cowhead <cowhead at> wrote:

> But then you would actually consult it each time?  It's much easier to
> just always customize your variable names.  I use variables like 'time'
> and 'player' all the the time, but I customize them as zaTime and
> zaPlayer (because I like to script in a German/Japanese accent).  I have
> automatically done this ever since the first time I was 'nailed' by this
> same error.

Always customize your variable names in this.  For every project you're on,
its simple to define a couple of characters that you will incorporate into
all variable names.  For example, we use "rev" in Revolution's scripts for
all of these (don't do that though: rev is thus reserved!).  Also, you can
check if something that you have typed is currently reserved by right
clicking it in the script editor - to see if it opens a term in the
dictionary.  (But I would still use a custom prefix as the word might
otherwise become reserved in a future version.)  Check out the scripting
style guidelines on for a few more pointers on


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