Error description: Function: missing '('

Bob Rasmussen brasmussen at
Thu Jan 3 17:25:01 CST 2002

Arthur Evans Jr wrote:

>   . . .
> 1 If there's a list of Transcript reserved words, I've never found
>     it.  Such a list is badly needed.

The Transcript Dictionary in the Revolution documentation is such a list.

>   2 The error messages reported from accidental misuse of a reserved
>     word are immensely obscure.  For example, in the example above,
>     since 'time' is a reserved word, the error should have been
>     reported first on the 'function' line rather than on the 'return'
>     line.  It should not be hard to report use of a reserved word as a
>     formal parameter on that line.

I agree.

> . . .
> Art Evans

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