use-revolution digest, Vol 1 #87 - 10 msgs

diskot123 at diskot123 at
Wed Jan 2 16:26:04 EST 2002

>Nope.  I'm sure I had that right.
If you can duplicate the crash this on your machine, or any other
machine, and find a recipe I would be very interested.

>I'm relatively new to SQL, but the tutorials on the web that I've
checked out (e.g., don't put a space before the
semicolon (if they use one at 
>all).  I haven't found any syntax summary that says the space is
required. Most mention the semicolon as the statement terminator. 
However, given the behavior I >observed, I think the sample query in the
Database Manager when you first open it should either skip the semicolon
or put in the space.
The orielly sql pocket reference is great, I suggest you check it out.
The example should skip the semicolon. The semicolon is not needed, revdb
knows the size of the query string when you pass it in. The only use I
can think of why you would want a semicolon is in Oracle because you can
pass pl/sql(oracles programming language) which contains multiple
statements which would need to be terminated by a semicolon.


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