Type 3 on revdb_connect, but ODBC drivers okay

Robert D. Rasmussen brasmussen at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 1 04:25:01 EST 2002

Thanks!  I don't think I came across that little qualifier anywhere in the documentation.

After installing the Merent software, I've made a few observations:

1. The installed Merent drivers, and so on, are indeed almost identical to the Intersolv installation -- just a later version, and not "branded" for FileMaker, like the set I had.  That makes me think that a small tweak to Revolution would make it support the set distributed with FileMaker as well.  If other clients can use them, why not Revolution?

2.  I couldn't get Merent's control panel to configure the FileMaker Pro driver.  Keeping the old setup control panel and setting up the data source with that worked (I suppose I could have editted the setup file too).  Merent's control panel then recognized these settings, but still wouldn't edit them.  Seems to work though.

3.  After an initial success with the new setup, I had some bombs using Revolution's Database Manager.  Things are okay now, but I don't know what fixed it.

4.  In the Database Manager, without a space before the terminating semicolon, some SQL queries don't work, apparently because the semicolon gets treated as part of the final argument.  (That was hard to find!)  In other cases, you have to leave the semicolon out altogether.  I'm not sure whose problem that is, but I'm sure it's not supposed to work that way.

5.  I got lots of garbage in my logs after the semicolon in the query if I didn't delete everything after the semicolon in the default opening entry of the Database Manager query field.

Now, on to trying to do something useful.


diskot123 at juno.com wrote:

> RevDB was designed to connect with the Merent data connect datamanager.
> You can download a free evaluation version at
> http://bbase1.merant.com/merantema/www/DDWBDNLDco02/DDWBDNLDco02dnld.jsp
> Most ODBC drivers are compatible with it.
> Hmm..just checked and it said that Intersolv is now Merent..very weird.
> Anyhow download the above, if it's crashing like that on
> revdb_connect..because if it's crashing like that then it cannot find the
> required datamanager libraries.
> Tuviah
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