same post 3 times...

Klaus Major kmajor at
Wed Feb 27 03:47:01 EST 2002

Hi ken and all,

> on 2/26/02 4:38 AM, Matt Denton at matt.denton at wrote:
>> Hi there speed fiends,
> ----------
> Hi Matt,
> I can't answer your queries because I'm too new to RR to be that far 
> into
> the inner sanctum, but you should know your post ended up with three 
> copies
> in succession on the list.
> Ken N.

i have experienced thsi phenomenon several times before.

There are some posts that get delivered 2 or 3 times.

Since i do not think the folks who posted them are too dumb
to remember that they already hit the "send" button a couple of secs
before it might be a list-server problem.

Please don't take it personally, Heather :-)


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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