ready made buttons etc

Judy Perry jperryl at
Tue Feb 26 16:18:00 EST 2002

While what I know would fit on the proverbial head of a pin, I too would
be interested, particularly in developing examples and/or templates for
k-12 instructional uses.


On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Steve Messimer wrote:

> on 2/25/02 8:15 PM, use-revolution-request at at
> How about starting the beast ourselves?  What I have in mind is an open
> source "how to do it" stack that folks could add sample buttons fields
> scripts and functions to.  This is easy to say.  We will have to do a lot of
> thinking about the scope of this before we begin. I think that this may turn
> out to be quite useful for all of us.
> I would certainly be willing to participate in such an endeavor.
> Anybody else on the list interested? If anyone has any ideas about how this
> could be organized please feel free to chime in.

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