sort stack by short id of this card

Stgecft at Stgecft at
Mon Feb 25 05:59:01 EST 2002

>I have a stack I am scripting for work.  For years I have been using this in
>Hypercard.  It is a "Form" made of six cards (designed to print cards 1 &2 on
>one page, cards 3 & 4 on the next page and cards 5 &6, on the last page). I
>have rewriten it in transcript and am now setting it to copy itself, and sort
>so that I have each form in order by field "Order Number".  (on mouseUp....go
>first .... repeat card....go next........sort stack by short id of
>this card)
>Everything works fine....untill I got to Card ID 10000. Now card id 10000 has
>decided it wants to be first in the card order.

I frankly don't understand why this works at all.  You say you want the
cards in order by field "Order Number" but sort the stack by the short id
of each card. ??

Rob Cozens

There are 6 cards for each (1) form.  The 6 cards have the same "Index 
Number". In order to keep all of the cards in order they are being sortd by 
shot id of card.  Of course this means that when they are duplicated they 
have to be duplicated in order.  Forget that they have an "Index Number" and 
concentrate on the sort of id.  Take my word for it.  When I get to id 10000  
(this card is card #3 in the cequence) the cards start to get out of 
sequence.  Consiter that the first thing that happends is "go first". this 
means that card #3 is being copied fired and recieving the first id.  From 
there on the cards are copied and sorted in the wrong order.

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