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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sat Feb 23 12:12:19 EST 2002

>Since it seems to be the vertical platform-specific stuff where we need the
>most help, it may bring us the biggest bang for the buck to have some means
>of making OS calls directly in the language.  We'd have to type our vars,
>but that's a small price to pay for all that flexibility.

Richard, et al:

If it is not a major undertaking, it would be the preferred approach.  I
was trying to leverage the concept by suggesting it could be a source of
additional revenue to MC/RR Inc.  rather than additional cost to be
amortized by MC/RR sales.

On the surface it seems only to require variable typing (including support
for handles & pointers), ability to build & extract info from system
parameter packets, and a built-in knowledge of the number and type of
arguments for each system call (a la CompileIt's built-in libraries and/or
buildable by the developer).

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