Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at kmug.org
Wed Feb 13 09:38:01 EST 2002

>>use-revolution at lists.runrev.com writes:
>I'm considering buying OSX alone, and this is where I
>need advice. I want to keep my orginal hard drive untouched, and just boot
>OSX from another drive now and then for testing or fooling around with OSX
software. Does the OSX package have a CD that can boot the computer on OSX

Just make sure you have a lot of RAM (more than 250 if possible) and sufficient space on the HD.  You don't even have to
reboot to switch back and forth.  If you click on a classic app, including one made with Rev, it will automatically switch to
OS9 and vice versa.  In fact, the most convenient way to get at the OS 9 control panel or apple menu is just to fire up a
classic app. which switches you back to OS9.

In addition, make sure to update OS9 and X to the latest available.  Software update will not work for this unless you have
already installed 'security update' and 'installer update' (and installer update will not install unless you have first
installed 'security update'...sigh).

It's a great OS, but even the latest update, which supposedly has better net-working abilities, still has problems with my
LAN.  So, for the moment, I've switched back to OS9.2, the latest incarnation of which is really, really nice!

mark mitchell

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