Revolution much slower then Hypercard

Nelson Zink zink at
Mon Feb 11 14:29:01 EST 2002


> Do you actually need paint graphics? Using object graphics would work better
> unless you actually need paint.
I think I did this with objects and couldn't get the size dot I wanted and
it wasn't a whole lot faster than graphics. A size 32 dot in graphics looks
pretty goofy (which I don't understand) but was the closest to what I
wanted. This all ran fine (quiggly, quiggly) in HC except for the color

> If you need paint, is it just a circle you're after?

No. This a representation of the orbit of Venus where each day is a colored
bead--a pattern for a Venus calendar necklace.

Actually, the loop is:

> repeat until r>=1.5*pi  --beads
>   click at x+round(rr*cos (r)),y+round(rr*sin (r))
>   add (2*pi)/584 to r
>   add 1 to KK
>   set brushcolor to word 2 of line kk of fld 1
>   if brushcolor="white" or brushcolor="black" or brushcolor="orange" then set
> brush to 8
>   else set brush to 32
> end repeat

Which checks a fld for full moon dates, seasons of the year and so on, but
delimiting all that doesn't help speed much.  The math operations are
insignificant as compared to the general time it take this thing to run.


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