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Robert Presender rpresender at
Sun Feb 10 18:57:00 EST 2002

Have come to a standstill in converting my SC appl to Rev because of 
a menu problem.

In SC, I can add a menu item to a particular menu by means of a 
handler and do the handler of the selected item during 
runtime/standalone. It is part of a 'New' routine which creates a new 
card, adds its name as an item to an applicable menu which when 
clicked will do the applicable routine.

I want to do similarly in  Rev dev/standalone (Rev 1.1.1B1/1.1/Mac OS 9.2.2)

1. create a menu btn with several items (includes menuPick switch 
scripts) - no problem, can do

2. create new card  by copy/paste routine of a basic card of a 
particular stack - no problem, can do

**3. insert the name of the new card as a new item(after the initial 
items) to the menu of 1. above by script.
      Need help here .. . can't find an applicable Transscript ... 
must be able to do when standalone ..standalone will be of the 'save 
data' method.

**4. add a menuPick switch script (to existing script) for the new 
item of 3. above.
     Need help here

Help will be appreciated.
Regards ... Bob
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