My Bold Script is slow

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Sun Feb 10 12:12:34 EST 2002

At 12:06 AM +0000 2/10/02, Ian Summerfield wrote:
>BTW: It's still bad coding practice to use calculations in a loop,  each
>iteration of the loop will cause those calculations to have to be re-done,
>it will also make you code difficult to maintain.  If for any reason in the
>future someone modifies your code to change the selection during one of the
>loop passes then "the fourth word of the selectedChunk" could change it's
>value - spelling disaster.  I got my knuckles wrapped for doing such things
>when I first worked in Apple USA on Applelink Offline!  Take my work for it,
>if you can get into the habit of putting things slightly longer it will be
>more efficient, but safer!

Revolution calculates the start and end values only at the beginning of the loop. So while from a coding-style standpoint it's still a good idea, programatically it's no problem.

At 5:08 AM +0000 2/10/02, Ian Summerfield wrote:
>On 10/2/02 12:23 am, "Björnke von Gierke" <bvg at> scribed:
>> Well, if you buy me the license for rev ( see above mailing by me on that
>> subject), I will happily use variables whenever I define a loop, but
>> unfortunately, im bound to the 10 line limit, and I can't define a additional
>> variable without using an additional line, so I have to produce some more
>> spaghetti-code :(
>> sincerely yours 
>> björnke von gierke
>You know I hadn't thought of that limit!  Isn't it bad that Revolution
>forces bad programming techniques?

I think of it in just the opposite way: isn't it great that Revolution provides this _free_ tool for people to use?



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