Image Manipulation (was Re: Rotatable fields?)

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Sat Feb 9 18:21:01 EST 2002

on 2/9/02 12:51 PM, Mat Korica at mkorica at wrote:

> It would be very cool if RR were to integrate the free ImageMagick library
> into Revolution. Imagine the functionality of Photoshop available through
> Transcript!
I'm just beginning to experiment with them myself, but Rev does some of
these things already. Checkout the Ink property commands like addOver,
subOver, also blend, blendLevel, borderPatterns, srcCopy, etc. Some only
work on Macs. Since the dictionary lists things in alpha order its sometimes
hard to find relative terms, so I'm making a stack that groups lists of
relative terms. What I need is access to the dictionary scripts, so I can
show the definition/example fields from those lists.

When you're trying to learn a new language and are dealing with a specific
set of tasks, like manipulating images and graphics, it's maddening to have
to search the whole dictionary for proper terms and syntax.

It's one of my pet projects, i.e., grouping the terms and syntax for like
kinds of tasks together, with charts and demos.

Best regards,
Ken N. 

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