Rotatable fields?

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Feb 7 22:08:01 EST 2002

Try this:

It takes a snapshot of a field on the card, makes an image out of it and
rotates it:

on mouseUp
  import snapshot from rect (the rect of fld 1) of window (the windowID of
this stack)
  put the short id of the last image of this cd into tID
  select image id tID
  rotate image id tID by 90
  choose browse tool
end mouseUp

You can then hide the original field and move the new image into place. One
note is that the bounding rectangle of the resulting image is as tall as it
is wide due to the rotation.

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> Howard wrote:
> > Believe me, being able to rotate buttons or fields and
> have the labels
> > and text rotate would be very useful. And at this point,
> I'd be happy
> > with simply 90 degree rotational increments. :-)
> ----------
> OK. Another solution might be to use icons. Draw text
> and rotate it in the icon editor. I do this to switch custom
> arrows and other such things. Quick, easy.
> HTH,
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