Is there a way to dynamically construct a script statement and then execute that statement?

Gary Dennis gary.dennis at
Fri Feb 1 17:16:01 EST 2002

I want to construct a script statement dynamically  (something like the
following) and then  "EXECUTE" that statement.  If you are familiar with
REXX, this language has an INTERPRET command that permits this sort of
thing.  Is there a way to do this in REV?


on mouseup
   put "aVariablename April" into somestring
   get item 1 of somestring
   put it into zVarName
   get item 2 of somestring
   put it into widget

   put "put" && quote & widget & quote &&  "into" && zVarName into execvar
    -- the constructed statement  at this point should be:
    --   PUT "April" into aVariableName

    ******* This is where I fall off the table

end mouseup

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