invisible buttons - non-clickable??????

Klaus Major k_major at
Tue Dec 31 09:21:01 EST 2002

Hi miscdas,

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>> Klaus Major writes:
>> Hi Nicholas,
>>> Ok, I make a button visible and it works fine. If it is invisible,
>>> however, it does not work. Is that really the intended functionality?
>> Yes :-) How do you exspect your customers to click,
>> when not knowing where to click ?
> Is the concept of an invisible "HotSpot" so foreign?

Sorry, this was a bad case of "typing before thinking"...

> It's beauty is in the fact that it is indeed not visible to the user,
> yet an action can be triggered by a variety of events
> (e.g. mouseover, mouseclick, mousedouble click, collision).
> Can be very useful when used in layers with other objects.

What i really meant was, that invisible (!) objects are invisible
to the mouse, too. So you may have to use another technique.
Like buttons or something else with its ink set to "noop".

Sorry for the confusion.

> miscdas

I wish you a happy new year !


Klaus Major
k_major at

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