Standalone for MacOS X and rev. 2.0

Ludovic Th=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E9?=bault ludovic.thebault at
Tue Dec 31 01:50:01 EST 2002

Robert Presender wrote:
>Using OS 10.2.3
>Is there a way to make the Data folder(and all its components) 
>invisible and only have the app as a result of making a standalone for 
>Mac and Windows?  Using the procedure of Tip 1 of RR site.

A game for MacOS X, which seem to be created with MetaCard, is a package
(a folder, but for OS X an application). With packages, all datas are
inclued in the standalone.
Rev 2.0 can create packages ? Or it is possible to convert standalone in
packages ?

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