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I have used this function for years:

answer "She said, " & q("I do.")

function q what
  return quote & what & quote
end q

Might work for you; I agree it would be great to use quotes inside of
quotes, and actually in the regular expression world of matchText and
matchChunk you can include quotes in a string by escaping them with a
backslash, but until it gets built into the engine, this function (or one
like it) will have to do, IMHO.

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> answer "She said, "&quote&"I do."&quote
> Seems like there should be a shorthand way of coding "&quote&".  I use it
frequently and it makes things difficult to read.  Javascript handles this
nicely by allowing the use of single quotes within double quotes.
> -- D
> P.S.  That was 18 years ago.
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