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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 29 12:50:01 EST 2002

Hehehe, I guess we're all a bit guilty about doing
that ; whenever we update our software, there's
usually something we change -- hopefully for the
better, right?
But whereas at Microsoft (and Sun as well, when it
comes to Java) the drones seem to run off in different
directions constantly with overlapping and competing
technologies, Apple to its credit seems to have more
of a 'master plan' regarding its technologies.
And looking at the particular pieces of technology on
that page, we could say in defense that most of these
technologies were terminated because of _external_
factors, have been supported for suite a while, and
have been replaced -- HyperCard and Newton being the
most infamous exceptions.
At any rate, whenever you pick a bandwagon to jump on,
you take a risk. Just like we all took a risk when we
bought a RunRev license. I guess I've just been
betrayed once too often by Microsoft so I'm more
inclined to pick on them.

Jan Schenkel.

--- Chipp Walters <chipp at chipp.com> wrote:
> Jan,
> Are you talking about Microsoft...or Apple?  ;-)
> > You forgot the part where they go "Of course we
> can
> > change our minds at random. And then you have a
> new
> > standard. Until we change our minds again, that
> is."
> > 
> > Jan Schenkel.
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