groups and background

Dar Scott dsc at
Sat Dec 28 18:23:00 EST 2002

Let's see if I got this right.


A group may have its backgroundBehavior property set to true.  Such a 
group introduces interesting paths on any card it is on.  This group is 
also placed on new cards under some conditions.  The card/stack property 
backgroundNames lists all groups with this property set to true for the 
specified card or stack.

Groups may be shared.   "The number of backgrounds (of a stack)" is the 
number of sharable groups in the stack; shared groups are counted only 
once.  (The number of backgrounds of a card is 0.)  All groups are 
sharable except nested groups.  The property groupNames is a card 
property that lists all sharable groups on the card.  There is no such 
property for stacks.

"The number of groups" [of a specified card] is the total number of 
groups on the card including shared and nested.  The number of groups of 
a stack is the total number of groups on the current card.  Shared 
groups are counted just once.

The expression "group <groupref>" refers to a group on the current or 
specified card.  The expression "background <groupref> refers to any 
group in the current or specified stack (including nested groups).  The 
layer number (if used) for the background reference refers to the 
creation order.


Is this right?  Is this complete?  Is the word group or background used 
in any other way?

Dar Scott

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