groups and background

Dar Scott dsc at
Sat Dec 28 16:45:01 EST 2002

On Saturday, December 28, 2002, at 02:07 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

> Sure enough a group was placed.  But I could not open the properties 
> for it or anything else.  A little later it disappeared.  This happened 
> twice.  (OS X, Rev 1.1.1)
> Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with this method?

I found the problem.  I was placing a nested group.  Both the engine and 
the IDE have trouble with this.

I did place a group and then set the backgroundBehavior to false as Key 
suggested.  It was false on other cards.  I edited the script by adding 
a comment.  The edited script showed up on other cards.  I moved some 
controls.  They moved everywhere.  Cool.  It looks shared.

Now "the backgroundNames" (which I had earlier in error called "the 
backgrounds"--sorry) returns a list of groups with backgroundBehavior 
set to true.  It is not the list of shared groups as I speculated.  And 
it is not the list of groups in a stack, nor is it the list of groups 
directly on cards in the stack.

Now, how do I find out if a group is shared or not?

Dar Scott

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