Fw: Re[7]: groups and background

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Sat Dec 28 16:29:01 EST 2002

On Saturday, December 28, 2002, at 01:59 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> This is probably why Rev's menu item is "Place Group". Note though that 
> once
> a group is created, its backgroundBehavior property is FALSE. As soon 
> as you
> place it on another card via "Place Group", however, Rev automatically 
> sets
> the backgroundBehavior property of the group to TRUE.

This is the case for placing from the message box, too, not just the 

> The combination of these two methods are probably where Richard and I 
> (and
> perhaps others) assumed that you *needed to have* the backgroundBehavior
> property turned on in order to share content.

I assumed that.  I was sure I read it.  I first started back in March 
and came with no preconceptions, but somehow I got the idea.

> It does seem odd, though, that buttons can share their hilite through a
> property, fields can share their text through a property, but groups 
> share
> their contents through being "placed" - no property to set here, it 
> seems.

Yikes.  More assuming.  I had assumed all that sharing had something to 
do with "shared groups" and put off considering what it was until later.

> Of course the docs state that the backgroundBehavior property has 
> nothing to
> do with content sharing, but is specifically to put such a group in the
> message-passing hierarchy "behind" cards, and to have it automatically
> placed on new cards as they're created.

Oh, good.  If I could read...
> But I think the confusion is over the content-sharing aspects of a 
> group,
> and not the message hierarchy issues.
At least.

Dar Scott

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