setting pointer location

Alan Gayne alanira9 at
Sat Dec 28 16:22:42 EST 2002

Hi David,

Why "modeless" instead of modal dialogs?  In my experience I've used 
the aforementioned "askMeEntry theIDList / askMeTheQuestion" approach 
to compel the user to respond to certain fields in a certain order, so 
that the required elements for further data validation and/or 
processing are more assuredly in place.

For me that would seem to make a modal dialog the way to go - so that 
an "empty" or "cancel" response may trapped for further appropriate 
action.  It is the certain ability to order and if necessary, compel an 
appropriate user input, that makes this technique so valuable in data 
critical applications.

In the final analysis it is my experience that the vast majority of 
"data input" users haven't got a clue about the inner workings of an 
application and as a result can easily forget which fields need to be 
filled at all, let alone in what order.  Far better to lead them by the 
"hand" (or your choice of anatomical parts) so as to avoid ugly GIGO 

Regards to all,

On Saturday, December 28, 2002, at 03:30 PM, David Vaughan wrote:

> Based on Alan's comments about using ask/answer data entry, I am now 
> considering using modeless dialogs rather than additional fields on 
> the same card as the data entry point, bringing up the right dialog 
> (field set) for the logical sub-group of fields selected on this card. 
> This will reduce clutter on the card and localise entry and > validation.

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