Text color buglet

Howard Bornstein bornstein at designeq.com
Sat Dec 28 14:50:16 EST 2002

Under Rev 1.1.1 I'm running into a little bug with Text color that I 
wonder if someone can confirm.

Once you select text in a field, you should be able to change its color, 
via the Text>Color menu. This seems to work fine on the Mac, but when I 
do it under Windows XP, the color is applied to the entire field rather 
than just the selected text.

BTW, this is while editing within the text box in the properties palette. 
I *can* set text to specific colors (including the Pen color) if I edit 
the text directly in the field. But while within the property palette, 
the color seems to apply to the entire field, not the selected text. 
Anybody else see this on Windows? (It *does* work properly on the Mac 


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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