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<< ............entry clerks for over 15 years.

In HyperCard and Revolution, I control cursor positioning by locking 

all fields initially and unlocking & tabbing to individual fields.

I personally think the HIG guideline against moving the cursor should 

NOT be accepted at face value: if it makes sense to you in your 

design, do it and see how it turns out. >>

I am delighted that HIG is (are?) a high profile topic on this list.  I am 
absurdly offended by software that flout  guidelines based on really sound 

I know moving the pointer is generally a no no, and I thought twice before 
doing it.  However, I accurately time the latency of assessees rating an 
image.  If they move the pointer between images being displayed, the time 
taken to return the pointer to the scale would add an abitrary  amount to the 
latency.  So, the procedure is.

Countdown  target appears (like in old movies)
image appears at target location
cursor appears at scale midpoint
rating made (and latency calculated)
'next image' button appears
'next image'  button hit
image and 'next image' button disappear
Countdown target....
etc. etc.

Any suggestions for alternative approaches that are  less naughty welcome.

...and while I am on, how do you replicate the 'step' parameter in Hypercard 
repeats?  I want to put a return after every third line between lines 3 and 
168 of a field.  

Could it actually be something is easier in HC?  Shureley shome mishtake?

Happy etc. and a prosperous  blah blah to everyone, especially the folks at 

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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