Gif flickering spuerimposed on a Movie

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JamesHBeckmann at wrote:

> I have a transparent animated GIF (an image object) superimposed over a movie
> player.  The GIF image now flickers with each image advance (not evident over
> the blank card) over the running movie.  Any work arounds?

Set the alwaysbuffer property of the movie player to true.

Note that alwaysBuffer will also cause the controller to stop responding.
QT is an event-loop hog, and the only way to double-buffer it when rendering
the card takes too mmuch horsepower out if its event mechanism).

If you need QT's movie controller (or at least a more limited version of it)
you may be better off writing a .smil document and setting the path of the
controller to that.

SMIL documents are simple XML files in which you can mix references to
graphics, text, movies, and most other QT-supported media in specific
regions of the player, and even show and hide them at specific time codes
(although sadly QT supports only SMIL 1.0, and does not have the transition
effects of the SMIL 2.0 spec).

For more on using SMIL in QT see:

QuickTime and SMIL

QuickTime Pro: About SMIL

QuickTime Pro: SMIL Extensions

W3C SMIL home page:

PS:  I started developing a SMIL editor in MC but my market research
suggested that for a number of reasons it would not make a viable product,
so I finished WebMerge first.  The product was to be called "SMILer Grogan"
-- the first person who sends me an email with the name of the movie that
character name is from will get a free WebMerge license.  No Google or IMDB
-- that's cheating. :)

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