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<< Hi David,

I gather you're using a 'scale' control? In that case,

the last tab in its Properties is 'Scrollbar' -- as

RunRev treats scale objects as a special type of


There you have the 'Start value, 'End value' and

'Thumb position' properties.

Suppose people can rate from 1 to 5, and the default

should be 3, then set these up as:

  set the startValue of scrollbar 'Foo' to 1

  set the endValue of scrollbar 'Foo' to 5

  set the thumbPosition of scrollbar 'Foo' to 3

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel. >>

Thanks Jan, but (for various reasons) I am not using a scale control.   I am 
using 15 buttons arranged edge to edge in a line.  The middle button 
represents 'neutral' (scored zero), and that is where I want the pointer to 
appear, when the image-to-be-rated appears.   Sorry I wasn't clearer in the 
original post.  I wanted something like 'show pointer at the loc of button 

Bill Vlahos'  suggested set the screenMouseLoc to globalLoc(the location of 
button "one") looks the business.  The only question remaining is whether  I 
should have worked it out for myself.

Thanks again to you both.

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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