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Fri Dec 27 05:10:01 EST 2002

Dar Scott wrote 02.12.26 00:08 PM:

>(I find the artifact of a katakana character (yu?) in the quoted 
>material interesting.)

Sorry, I made a mistake.
And you answered it correctly. It is right 'yu' ;-)

>Both the scripting language and the documentation seem to be a 
>little free in interchanging these; no doubt those who have grown up 
>with cards can tell from context, but it slows me down.

Yes, It is related to the thing that I sent in this topic first.

>It doesn't help with messages sent to 
>the background, or to controls owned by by groups within the background.
>I'm about to make a stack that can use backgrounds.  Unfortunately, with 
>the multicard placement comes the inconsistent message path.

I understood. This problem is unexpectedly difficult...

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