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Fri Dec 27 04:59:01 EST 2002

manuel companys wrote:

> Le Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002, à 12:10 US/Central, Gernot Lorenz a écrit :
>     Am Montag, 23.12.02 um 15:11 Uhr schrieb Andre Rombauts:
>         I’ve been learning Rev for several months but to really go
>         ‘inside’ I would need an ‘in-depth-tutorial’. This is quite
>         different from all othe programing environment I used in the
>         past (Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal – I’m just a 50 y old
>         teacher who started with computer in the 80’). How to organize
>         stacks, to use externals and plugins (not really sure to
>         understand the difference), etc. Revolution is so ‘huge’...
>         Will we get a good tutorial book?...
>         André
>     Dear Andrè,
>     I'm nearly in the same situation like You (I used in the past
>     (Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal – I’m just a 50 y old teacher who
>     started with computer in the 80’) with the difference that I'am an
>     experienced User of Hypercardt - the anchestor of MetaCard and
>     Revolution - which only exists for MacOS. But now, with
>     platform-independent MetaCard and/or Revolution (which are nearly
>     the ssame) I have a tool which fits better to our school's
>     situation (we have a MacOS computer lab and a Windows computer
>     lab). My pupils are beginners in programming, about 16 years old,
>     and there is absolutely no book about MetaCard or Revolution for
>     them , even not an English one (I need one in German). For
>     Hypercard, , there were enough good books (also in German
>     language), but Hypercard is to much different.
>     What to do ?
>     During the last three months I began myself to make a suitable
>     book (or booklet) for learning programming (rather than
>     multimedia-authoring) with MetaCard and Revolution, which will be
>     used as a book for beginners or pupils.
>     Like You I would like to have additionally an ‘in-depth-tutorial’
>     to avoid many experiments, but there is nothing on the market.
>     But nevertheless I am interested in what You are doing with Your
>     pupils ?
>     What would You expect from school-book for beginners ?
>     I would be glad to hear from You something about working with
>     Metacard/Revolution in school.
>     Gernot
> My case is more like Gernot's; except that I am much older and I used 
> HyperCard not to teach how to program but to teach languages and 
> linguistics., I have written a lot of HC "didacticiels" as we say in 
> french: general phonetics; japaneese tons; german verbs; tamil 
> scripts; russian text comprehension; spanish; french; quizz in general 
> linguistics; language performance level ... and so on. This also means 
> that I came accross special character and keyboard problems: fonts; 
> accents, KCHR resources; etc.
> Now I am retired and struggling for trying to port some of theese 
> HyperCard Stacks to R-R, I guess I am likely to get more benefits from 
> your help than the other way around. But maybe some of the tricks I 
> found out could be useful to you as well. 

Dear Manuel Companys,
thank You for Your mail. I think, soon the time will come I will ask You 
some help. I often find myself thinking in Hypercard while working with 
MetaCard oder Revolution, and so many things are different, for example 
handling the background, which has in Hypercard a totally different 
If You are trying to convert HC-Stacs to RunRev or Metacard, then try


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