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David Vaughan dvk at
Thu Dec 26 17:16:01 EST 2002

On Friday, Dec 27, 2002, at 20:45 Australia/Sydney, Andre Garzia wrote:

> congratulations to all involved with this great util.
> well do i sound strange? sorry about my bad english.

To all writers whose native tongues are german, spanish, italian, 
norse, urdu, whatever...please don't apologise for your english, at 
least until after I (for example) have written to you in your native 
language first!

If we (the english speakers) have not understood you, we will ask, and 
Rev is now so widely used that there are good odds someone else can 
either respond natively or assist with translation anyway.

Besides, the only reason I can understand the Scots is because they are 
putting it in writing...

best regards
> happy new year.
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