setting pointer location

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Try this:

    set the screenMouseLoc to globalLoc(the location of button "one")

I've used button "one" in the example but you can set it to whatever 
object you want.

Bill Vlahos

On Thursday, December 26, 2002, at 02:49  AM, DVGlasgow at wrote:

> I want users to make a rating of a series of images.  When the scale 
> appears,
> I want the cursor to be at the mid-point.  This is to minimise bias and
> artefact arising from the initial pointer position being random 
> (responses
> are also timed, so I want all users to have the same start point.
> So.  How do I make the cursor appear at a certain place?.  (I will kick
> myself if this is obvious - I have scoured the documentation!)
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