[ANN] RevNet launched

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Dec 26 09:55:01 EST 2002

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Richard: thanks for this wonderful model!
> NOTE: If you open RevNet inside Revolution... one gets problems...
> presumably because the "Rev"  string in the file name is reserved for
> Rev UI stacks (I had this same problem with a stack named "Revolving
> Calendar")  so don't be misled by error dialogs....
> Specifically: if I click on the link to down oad stacks I would go to
> the stack page and then clicking on one of those links... it breaks
> with:
> =======
> There was an Execution Error at 10:35:37 PM
> Error description:  Function: error in function handler
> Revolution User Interface Error: Object: card id 1060 of stack "RevNet"
> --------------------
> put "<b><a href="&q(item 7 of tInfo)&">"& item 5 of tInfo
> &"</a></b><br>" into tHtml
> --------------------
> Value: q
> =======
> If one quits Rev and just boots "goRevnet.rev" ... and then downloads
> "RevNet"  i.e. no loading of the Rev UI..
> The problem goes away:  obviously there is a conflict between the Rev
> UI and any stacks that begin with "Rev"
> This should be considered a bug, since the dev app should not place any
> constraints on the file name of its output.

RevNet was tested in the shipping versions of both Rev and MC prior to
release.  This is not to suggest it's perfect (far from it, as it was tested
on limited configurations), but that it should be expected to at least run.

Please submit bug reports to me at <revnet at fourthworld.com> or via the
Feedback window within RevNet.  As with bug reports for any product, please
include the information that will be needed to reproduce the problem,
including system version, Rev/MC version, any relevant info about your
network connection (behind a firewall?), and a repeatable recipe.

Unfortunately following the recipe above does not reproduce the error here
in my configuration.  When you reply via private email, please let me know a
little about your system so I may be able to reproduce the issue here.
Thanks in advance -

 Richard Gaskin 
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