Is this an event?

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Dec 25 19:21:01 EST 2002

Barry, if you're trying to do a drag and drop, you can use the within()
function, passing the loc of "alpha", along with object to check. Something

repeat with x = 1 to 30
  if within(button ("beta" & x),(the loc of btn "alpha")) then
    -- do your stuff
  end if
end repeat

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Is this an event?

> I have an object I'm moving with the mouse by setting a custom
> property. Using a script in that object, I can track whether the "loc"
> of the object (let's call it "alpha") is "within the rect" of another
> object (let's call that object "beta"). However, if I have thirty
> "beta" objects, it seems that I need to account for each unique object
> within alpha's handler. This doesn't seem like the right way to handle
> this. Is there a way to know when alpha's loc is within the rect of any
> other object of a specific type?...and then know which specific object?
> If this were a mouseUp event, I know I can simply keep track of the
> target (as explained in the "Track which button a user clicks" thread).
> My guess is that this is somewhat backwards from that as there is no
> Rev event (that I can find) that occurs in "beta" when the loc of
> "alpha" is within the rect of "beta".
> As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Merry Xmas from West of the Pecos!
> Barry
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