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Dar Scott wrote 02.12.20 10:09 AM:
>The problem is really the third case.  If the groups are not 
>backgrounds, they are treated as such in the message path as far as 
>whether the backgrounds are after the card.
>Consider this card:  card{   grpA( btn1 ),  btn2,  bgB( btn3 )  }
>Background bgB is in the path of btn3 and btn2, but not btn1.
>Suppose I have a background that does some navigation, but also blocks a 
>particular key stroke from going to the default interpretation.  If I 
>put some fields on the card, the key is blocked for those fields.  (I'm 
>just guessing this will work.)  But suppose I make a numerical field 
>with up-down buttons, all grouped and I put that on the card.  Maybe I 
>got it from a card of many such custom controls and I forgot it was a 
>group.  The key stroke is not blocked.

I may be to have found a solution.
It is written by a help as follows...

If you want a handler in a groupユs script to affect only the objects in 
the group, place the following statement at the beginning of the handler:

   if the owner of the target is not me then pass message

This filters out any objects that are not part of the group.

Help > Revolution Documentation > (Road Map) > Development Guide > 
Objects & Messages > ( About... ) > groups and backgrounds

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