Track which button a user clicks?

Mike Bleed mbleed at
Tue Dec 24 12:05:29 EST 2002

I have a design question.  I am trying to implement an activity log or event tracking piece to my stack.  I want the program to record in a file all of the user's interactions.  It is simple to record each key a user types, but more difficult to record where a user clicks the mouse.  In short, I need to know if there is a way to capture which button or field a user clicked on.  So far, all I can do is get the control's control number which is not good enough because it is not unique throughout the program.  Any ideas?  My current scripts are below...

-- the following scripts are for the logging function of the Event Recorder, will record all user actions.

on keyUp pressedKey

put pressedKey & tab & the short system date & tab & the long system time & cr after fld "sessionLog" of wd "UserLogStack"

end keyUp

on mouseDown

answer the mouseControl

end mouseDown

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