audio problem -- distorted playback of wav file

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Mon Dec 23 15:43:01 EST 2002


Try playing it back in Quicktime by it still distorted? If so,
you may try using a different sampling rate and try again. Also, make sure
you author and playback on the same computer. Some computers have different
audio cards which save in using different sampling rates.


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I haven't seen any replies on this one.  Doesn't anyone else use Sound

-- D
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I created a pure tone at 440 Hz in Sound Studio 2.0.7 and saved it as a wav
file.  In Sound Studio it plays as pure tone, a very distinctive sound.
According to Sound Studio, the amplitude of the signal is -6 dB.  I imported
this file into Rev 1.1.1 and it plays back very distorted regardless of the
playLoudness property.  Is this a bug?  I would like to save as a  .au file,
but Sound Studio doesn't offer that option.

-- D
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