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On Montag, Dezember 23, 2002, at 03:11  Uhr, Andre Rombauts wrote:

> I’ve been learning Rev for several months but to really go ‘inside’ I 
> would need an ‘in-depth-tutorial’. This is quite different from all 
> othe programing environment I used in the past (Basic, Visual Basic, 
> Pascal – I’m just a 50 y old teacher who started with computer in the 
> 80’). How to organize stacks, to use externals and plugins (not really 
> sure to understand the difference), etc. Revolution is so ‘huge’... 
> Will we get a good tutorial book?...
Some ideas...
Have a look at:
* 2.0 Transcript cookbooks-recipes: Jeanne did a great job to make it 
better to understand
* J. Landman Gays tutorials: 
(As I said some times ago: simply great!)
* If you are from Belgium, than maybe you understand german. Ahhh... - 
its only an assumption, I dont wont to put myself in to political 
troubles..;)) - Maltes Rev workshop of a player in Mac Life. The big 
point (for me) in that is: the explaining of every line code (thats 
means analyizing what the xtalk means/does)
* also Malte: Revolution Newbies Board - 
* waiting, hoping, maybe praying that this 
http://progrevolution.blogspot.com/ comes out soon:
* last but not least, the RR list archive treat: "The RR programming 

Have some nice holidays with a "bit" of work;))

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