Printing problem

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Dec 23 11:21:01 EST 2002

On Saturday, December 21, 2002, at 03:36 PM, Andre Rombauts wrote:

> When using revprintText under Windows if I ‘m sending multiple pages 
> to the printer I’m getting strange bugs under windows: the last line 
> of a page is re-printed on the first line of the next page... Is this a 
> known bug or should I carfefully insert a platform dependent routine to 
> deal with this?...
This reminds me of a problem I have and they might be related.  Maybe.

For some fonts and sizes--when I change the color of the last line of a 
field the color does not apply to the top pixel (or two) of the 
characters.  I think I remember this applying to courier or courier new 
with, hmmm, maybe a size of 9 points, maybe 10.

Maybe the metrics of some fonts are not the same what Revolution 
expects.  Maybe on Windows the engine is obtaining the wrong metric.

Does this problem go away if you twiddle font sizes a little?

Dar Scott

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