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Sun Dec 22 13:24:01 EST 2002

>Le 22/12/2002 16:42, Rob Cozens à rcozens at a écrit:
>>>  I understand that LF & CR are differently translated on Win & Mac 
>>  All text file (and field) line endings in RAM are numToChar(10) on
>>  all platforms.  Unless one does binary input/output it is only the
>Thanks but...
>The text isd in RAM indeed. A report is generated ans stored in varReport1,
>varReport2, etc. Then the following is sent to the printer:
>revPrintText varReport1 & varReport2 & varReport3, varHeader, varFooter, the
>long ID of field "Report"
>Some varReport variables contains numerous lines (25-100), thus leading to a
>multiple pages printing. Under MacOS, no problem. Under Windows the last
>line of a page is repeated on the next page, inside the 'text area' (header
>and footers are printed correctly). Moreover the line is not formated
>exactly as the line of the previous page (words are missing)... :-(

Hi André

Which version of Revolution do you run ?

There are obviously printing problem in Rev. The situation should be 
very much improved in 2.0

Salut et meilleurs voeux à un compatriote
             and merry Christmas and happy NewYear to all others


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