groups and background

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Dec 19 15:49:00 EST 2002

On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 12:50 PM, UDI wrote:

> Event on card:
> * bgA include bgB
>       card --> bgA --> stack
>                bgB ( no message )
> * bg1 NOT include bg2
>       card --> bg2 --> bg1 --> stack
>           ( by layer big to small )

Would this be a good summary?

    If the target is a control within a group
    then the path includes the groups
    it is within (inner to outer) followed by the card.

    If the target is not within a group (including the card)
    then the path includes the card followed by all background groups
    that are immediately owned by the card from high layer to low.

Dar Scott

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